If men had periods

“This a funny look at what would happen if a man had a period one day. I hope you guys like it. But seriously. I have to hand it to the females who have to put up with this every month.”

Some of the comments on his video:

It’s hilarious!! :) I’m a girl and I obviously know what it’s like and you did a good job representing this!

hilarious, and finally a guy who understands how we feel (kinda…)

im going to show my little brother this if he ask any questions. Haha

LOL it made me laugh. I don’t think you’d handle it too well haha.

I think its cool that your telling guys to cut girls some slack when they have their period. Coming from a girl periods are rough, and cramps are the worst. P.S. The video was super funny.

Very funny!! I like to see there are men out there who aren’t totally squicked out by menstruation.

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One Response to If men had periods

  1. Celine says:

    Pity men don’t have periods. I would love to see my guy put up with it every month.
    And childbirth…..Wow. He would just die.

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