Menstruation in the Sailor Moon TV Series

sailor moonElly Winters (from has a great post about the (lack) of menstruation in Sailor Moon, “The Invisible Red Thread: Menstruation in Sailor Moon”  (her article was also reblogged on She writes, “The lack of any mention of this physical transformation in a show dedicated to female empowerment and development is puzzling; how can a show like Sailor Moon, which focuses on a team of girls going through puberty, totally ignore the facts of menstruation?

Many feminists will be quick to point out that most of the Sailor Moon series is drawn and animated with the intention of satisfying the male gaze… But this is still somewhat of a contraction. The creator of Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi, has been unusually public with her personal experiences in menstruation, miscarriage, and child birth. She has a history of being adamantly against changing aspects of the Sailor Moon meta-series to make it more palatable to a male audience….”

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