My Period Diary (age 24)

When I first started this blog in 2010 I also decided to start keeping a ‘period diary’ cuterus uterus
(whenever I could remember to complete it), to see if there were any trends that I could pick up on. At first I just recorded the length of my cycle, but from mid 2011 I also started recorded my physical symptoms. Below is my ‘period diary’ for the 2011 year.

July 2011

Day One: Moderately bad cramps from 4.30am to 9.30am when my period started. I got up to get a hot water bottle and 2 ibuprofen at 5.40am, but they had no effect. Nausea increased from about 7.30am, and I had to get out of bed. After I got up I vomited quite a lot (after that I didn’t feel nauseous). Weaker cramps continued for the next hour.

August 2011

Day One: Mild cramps when period started at 12am, and again from 4.30am (for about 45 minutes each time). At 4.30am I got up out of bed to myself a hottie. After that I managed to go back to sleep. Very mild cramps every now and then during the rest of the day (for a couple of hours each time). Day Two: mild cramps & an annoying sick/nausea feeling 7am-11am.

September 2011

Mild cramps the night before my period started; mild/moderate cramps for most of the first day; and mild cramps at times during the second day.

October 2011

Very mild cramps on the first day, a bit stronger in the afternoon. At 3.30am of the first night the cramps got moderate/bad. I got up to get a hot water bottle, and took ibuprofen & paracetemol. The pain was gone within an hour.

November 2011

I took 2 ibuprofen when my period and cramps started at about 8.20am. Felt slightly ‘off’ and didn’t eat much for breakfast. Only very occasional cramps during the day (I had cramps about 3 times during the day, for one hour each time). Cramps were light-moderate. I had a University exam in the morning at 10am (no cramps during exam).

December 2011

Constant but dull cramps from 10.50am (an hour before bleeding started) until 4.50pm (6 hours) on the first day, but then cramps stopped completely.

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