My Period Diary (age 25)

January 2012etiquette menstruation

 Light cramps when my period started, from 10am – 12pm (took 2 ibuprofen), no cramps for the rest of the day. Light cramps again the following morning at 5am for about 2 hours (I heated up a wheat bag, but didn’t use any pain killers).

February 2012

Light constant cramps, when my period started, from 6am to 4pm (I got up at 6.30am to get ibuprofen & a hot water bottle, then went back to sleep). I stained my bed sheet when my period started, and I couldn’t get the blood completely out.

March 2012

Very light cramps in the morning when my period started. Took 2 ibuprofen & 2 paracetemol at 9.50am. Moderate cramps from then on for two hours, then no cramps.

April 2012

Day One: no cramps at all. Day Two: Moderate-bad cramps at 6am (got up to get hottie and take pain relief medication). The cramps went away completely by 6.45am & I went back to sleep. Mild cramps from time to time & hot water bottle and ibuprofen throughout the day.

May 2012

Day One: 30 minutes of mild cramps in the morning, then no more cramps for rest of day. Day Two: I woke up about an hour earlier than usual with very mild cramps. Felt a bit nauseous for a few hours after waking up, and also weak/faint/weird. I had a shower, but I needed to turn the water off twice during the shower so that I could lie down and elevate my legs. After the shower I got myself a bowl in case I threw up. I didn’t feel like eating but forced myself to eat a little. I started to feel better & felt fine from 10am onwards. Day Three: I woke at 5am with mild cramps, they left after 45 minutes and I went back to sleep. Very mild cramps through most of the afternoon.

June 2012

Mild camps for most of the first day (took ibuprofen twice during the day), and very mild cramps for most of the second day.

July 2012

Mild cramps for much of the first day and for some of the second day.

August 2012

Slight cramps for 2-3 hours in the morning before bleeding started, then light constant cramps during most of the day. Took ibuprofen at 1pm and at 8pm & cramps went away both times.

September 2012

Annoying light cramps for almost all of the first day.

October 2012

Very light cramps from time to time on the first day.

November 2012

Very slight discomfort from time to time on the first day.

December 2012

Very, very mild cramps on the first day.

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