My Period Diary (age 26)

NB: Some periods are missing because I forgot to write notes about them at the time. brienne angry

January 2013

Very, very light occasional cramps during the first day.

March 2013

Day One: No cramps at all when the bleeding first started in the early morning. Cramps started from 10am and got worse quickly, they were very bad by 11am. Felt dizzy around 11am, and threw up in the toilet at work (just after taking 2 ibuprofen). I felt really sick. I took my shirt off in the toilet cubicle because I felt hot, and I rested my forehead on the cold floor. At 11.30am I rang my mother to ask her to pick me up from work (because I wasn’t well enough to take the bus). I told my colleagues that I was going home because I was sick (one of them said I didn’t look well at all & that I looked very pale, and she asked me if I was okay getting home – I told her I was getting picked up).

I waited outside the office building, sitting on the kerbside, in a lot of pain (I had lower abdomen cramps). The cramps would ease for about 5-10 seconds every few minutes and then would get worse again. An elderly Asian woman (who didn’t speak English) stopped and pointed at me and tried to get someone to help me. She tried to get a courier man’s attention, but the courier man ignored me. She then got another man’s attention from across the road – he came and stayed with me and was really nice. He seemed worried & told me that it looked like appendicitis to him. He told me, “You don’t have to talk to anyone anymore now that I’m here, I can answer their questions,” which was a relief. While he was there a couple of people from one of the offices in my building stopped & asked if I was okay, and told me that I could come in because they had a first aid kit in their office – I said that I was fine, just waiting for my mother to pick me up.

My mother picked me up at 11.45am and took me home (I vomited twice in the car, once into a bag, and the second time into an empty take-away coffee cup). I continued to be in a lot of pain on the drive home. When I got home I crouched down on the floor & put my head down – I was still in quite a bit of pain but I was beginning to feel slightly better. My mother got me a hot water bottle and ibuprofen. I took the ibuprofen on an empty stomach (which isn’t recommended, however I was too nauseous to keep any food down). I felt a lot better by about 12.30pm (mild cramps only), and I had no cramps at all from about 1pm.

NB: The severity of this period hit me out of the blue & scared me- the period was preceded (and followed) by quite mild periods, it arrived pretty much on schedule, I had never before needed a ‘sick day’ at work due to my period cramps, and my periods are very rarely this painful & debilitating. Since leaving high school about 8 years ago I’ve only had one other  period that was as bad as this (very painful abdomen cramps & lots of vomiting), and one other period that resulted in vomiting (in July 2011, accompanied by moderate cramps).

April 2013 

Mild cramps for first hour on day one, then no cramps for the rest of the day.

June 2013

Day One: moderate cramps & mild sick/nausea feeling 8am-8.30am when I was on the bus on my way to work. I considered phoning in a sick day and returning home. I couldn’t anticipate how bad my cramps and nausea would get (especially given the really bad period I had three months earlier). However I decided to continue going to work. After I got to work I soon felt completely fine. Day Two: Moderate cramps from 2am-4.30am (got up to get a hottie and went back to bed). Felt fine during the rest of the morning, and then moderate cramps from 1pm-5pm.

October 2013

Very mild cramps on day one.

November 2013

Mild/moderate cramps from 2-4pm on the first day, then mild/moderate cramps from 10pm. I went to bed at midnight, then was woken up by moderate cramps from 2am-4am – I got up to get pain relief medication & a hot water bottle, and I watched some infomercials, then went back to sleep when the pain subsided at 4am. I woke again at 5.30am with mild cramps, but was able to go straight back to sleep.

December 2013

Day One: Mild cramps from 10am-2pm. Day Two: Occasional mild cramps during the morning.

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