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Menstruation Facts

Average age of menarche (first period)? 12.43 years old in the USA. (In Europe the average age of menarche has decreased rapidly from 17 in 1850 to 13 in 1970. It has stayed relatively stable since then). Average amount of blood … Continue reading

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Catholic ban on contraception

The development of the Birth Control Pill: The man most prominently associated with the development and introduction of the pill, John Rock, was an Irish Catholic doctor from Boston. Dr. Rock didn’t set out to make waves with the Vatican; … Continue reading

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Forced Sterilization

Many countries around the world have heavily restricted women’s access to contraception and birth control in the past, and many continue to do so. Until 1989, for instance, Romania outlawed contraception and abortion & as a result their population increased … Continue reading

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Menstrual Cycle Synchrony

When I first got my period I remember my mother being surprised that my period hadn’t come at the same time as hers. I am very close to my mother, so for some reason she expected this to happen (my … Continue reading

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Menstruation can increase seizures

A study has found that menstruation can increase an epileptic woman’s risk of having a seizure. The study looked at 69 epileptic women, and found that 2/3rds of them had seizures that were connected with their menstrual cycle (although there were … Continue reading

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Do girls have to reach a certain weight before they begin menstruating?

When I was young, I heard somewhere that girls tended to begin menstruating when they reached 45kg in weight. I reached 45kg in weight when I was 13 3/4 and I began menstruating at that age, so for me at least … Continue reading

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Hysterectomies for severely disabled girls

“Ashley X” (Seattle): A severely disabled girl was operated upon at the request of her parents, to prevent her from growing, menstruating and developing breasts. The principal purpose of the treatment was to improve Ashley’s quality of life by limiting her growth … Continue reading

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If I could talk to myself at 13-years-old I would say…

When I was a young teenager I didn’t think that it was acceptable to have days off school because of bad menstrual pain. All the girls and women around me seemed to get on with life like normal when they were … Continue reading

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Menstrual blood can stain mirrors

Back in the day, some people believed that menstruating women could stain mirrors simply by looking at them (such was the power of menstrual blood). The Secreta Mullierum [Secrets of Women], written circa 1300 stated: “If a woman has this … Continue reading

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Aristotle on Menstrual Blood

Aristotle viewed women as ‘deformed’ or unfinished males. The ‘normal human’ was seen as male, and females were lesser forms of this. This view carried itself across to theway Aristotle viewed menstrual blood (menstrual blood was seen as a lesser form of semen).

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