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Why Do Humans Menstruate?

All female placental mammals have a uterus lining (“endometrium”) that builds up when the animal is fertile. If the egg is not fertilized, most mammals reabsorb this lining into their uterus (“covert menstruation”), however a few mammals, including humans, shed this lining … Continue reading

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Is it Safe to Swim with Dolphins while Menstruating?

I’ve heard that dolphins can tell when a woman is pregnant (sometimes even before she knows herself), and start acting strangely around her. I wanted to know if dolphins acted any differently around menstruating women as well. Unfortunately not much seems to … Continue reading

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Do Animals Menstruate?

Yes, many animals do menstruate, but only a handful menstruate overtly like humans do (where there is blood flow from the uterus through the vagina). Other animals menstruate covertly (by simply reabsorbing the uterine lining into the body). Female animals with overt … Continue reading

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