Menstruation Machine for Guys

How can women explain what period cramps feel like to a man? A new machine has been designed for men that simulates the painful cramps & bleeding associated with menstrual cramps. There has even been a music video made about it!

People online appear to have varying opinions about whether this product could actually simulate the ‘real’ menstrual experience for women (I’ve reposted some of the comments below):

“Does it also stab them randomly in the lower abdomen or squeeze in a horrendous cramp-like manner? Then we can talk.”

“It’s not coming out of the wearer’s genitals, which adds a whole layer of learned social stigma. Does it make idiots shun you? Throw your emotional state into a different mode?”

“The bleeding’s not the bad part, quite honestly. It’s the cramps, backache, and (when I was younger), the nausea that comes along with it.”

“More accurate would be a device that actually makes their penis bleed. The horror / discomfort / anemia that follows from having one of your favourite bodily organs drip your own precious fluids cannot be replicated by some silly dripping bag they have to wear. Also — I would argue the mere fact that they have the choice to take it off at any time sort of ruins the experience.”

“If dripping blood is the only thing this machine is going to simulate, it better do so at the most inconvenient times possibly.”

“Did you guys (gals?) actually read the description of the device? It has electrodes which apparently stimulate some of the pain. So to answer the question, no, it doesn’t *just* drip blood.”

“I guess it can simulate the pain, but I don’t think it can do some of the other symptoms, though — cravings, hormones, bloating…”

“Actually, my periods are never as bad as some commenters describe them. Usually it’s more of an annoying inconvenience than anything else. Now, what REALLY pisses me off is guys who pass off every criticism I have as being in a bad mood because of my period (usually when it’s totally NOT the case, which of course I can’t say because I’m too embarrassed).”

“I have to agree with everyone who says the dripping wetness isn’t the main problem with menstruation – just take a shower, or change your undies. The REAL problem is the cramping, backache (I get bruises in my lower back each month), and swollen heavy tender breasts that make your UPPER back scream if you take off your bra, and your tender bits cry if you leave it on. Let’s not forget, however, the absolute JOY of the “oops I’m early and wearing white pants” and the even better “OMG I’m late!” Let a guy try and do a power meeting with all THAT going on.”

“This item has almost nothing at all to do with actual menstruation. It has to do with women not feeling respected as fellow humans. In order to attempt to get many men to at least begin to respect women, some people will continue to go to extremes of trying to get men to FEEL what it’s like to be a woman. However, actually feeling what another person goes through in his/her life is totally unnecessary to have empathy and respect for him/her. “

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  1. roberto says:

    what would be funny is if a guy put it on and enjoyed it

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