Wearing pads

I like the sight of blood when I have my period. When my body is working as hard as it is, padsand when I am in a lot of pain, I like to see some physical results. It confirms to me that my pain is not just psychogenic. Looking at the blood also helps me be really aware of my body – is my flow as heavy as usual? What is the texture and colour of the blood like? (The texture & colour change each month for me - I don’t know why, it is interesting). I see ‘period blood’ as quite different from other blood. I don’t like it when I accidentally cut myself & begin to bleed, but period blood is different – because it doesn’t come from an open wound it seems ‘natural’ to me and doesn’t upset me. I enjoy using pads most of the time, I’m fortunate because I only have to use the ultra-thin ones because I have a light flow, and I usually hardly notice that I’m wearing them. What I don’t like about pads is when the one of the sticky side tabs moves a bit when I’m walking and sticks to a strand of pubic hair. That hurts! It’s particularly frustrating if I’m out and about & I can’t easily get to a toilet to ‘un-stick’ myself :)

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  1. It’s great to see not every girl “strives” or see it as some kind of goal to use tampons. Pads no doubt still have a large market, otherwise, it would be declining and it’s really not. There are obviously women who are happy, secure and comfortable with using pads and not seeing it as a “stepping stone” to using tampons. Tampons aren’t some kind of an accomplishment, just an alternative menstrual protection choice. Every time I see a girl say that using tampons is what “big girls use” I want to smack them over the head.

    I keep a close eye on this blog because it’s so ‘real’ and the information helps curious minds learn! Very few women are open to talking about menstruation and their own journey, let alone record it for the world to see. It’s quite appealing that you are so positive about your period, the smell, the sight and even comparing it with your previous flow. Some girls I know don’t even want to see it and throw it away with the least possible visual and I always question them on how they get to know their period at all if they’re not gauging their body regularly. What happens if there’s change and indicating poor health? They wouldn’t even know since they don’t pay attention to the regular aroma, texture, thickness, clots or heaviness.

  2. Sally Bob Billy says:

    Period is fun. I enjoy seeing the blood, it smells great.

  3. FieldsofStrawberries says:

    I love using pads also! This might sound odd, but for me, seeing the blood helps me to feel relaxed for some reason. I also think pads are easier to use than tampons. I’m not unfamiliar with my body in the least, but using tampons can honestly be very irritating to me. They usually perform well, but it’s annoying to always have to keep track of having to change them every couple of hours when my flow is heavy. Then when it’s light, I still have to constantly keep track of the time, so I make sure to only use them in the daytime only. Also, I’ve had some tampons suddenly leak out of nowhere, when they were less than only half full, and I’ve never been able to figure out why.

    It’s much easier to just put on a pad and be done with everything. It doesn’t matter if I fall asleep, have to rush to work, etc. Or if I get sick out of nowhere, I don’t have to worry in the least if I have TSS or anything.

    Also, pads are good because they’re so easy to change, and in my opinion they’re more sanitary. I’ve been in situations before where I wasn’t able to change on time or couldn’t find a clean bathroom, but it didn’t matter because I knew the pad would be fine for a few more hours. Pads can be more messy, but you can clean yourself up without really having to touch any sensitive areas, so if you’re hands aren’t perfectly clean, or you’re not able to wash them, you can change without spreading any germs or bacteria.

    I’ll use tampons when they’re convenient, but pads will always be my favorite <3

    • atozinco says:

      I completely agree. When I wear tampons I’m always afraid that I’ll leak out. Sometimes I will suddenly and unpredictably bleed a lot across a very short space of time (e.g. 30 minutes) and when that happens I would soak through a tampon without knowing. In my opinion a pad seems to catch more blood than a tampon, and it’s plastic backing makes it difficult to have a big ‘accident’! With a pad I can just pop it on & forget about it – but with a tampon I’m constantly worrying that I’m going to leak through. Also, with a pad I’m more aware of what my body is doing and how heavy my flow is – I can feel the fresh blood on the pad & I can predict when I will need to change it.

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