My problems with tampons

When I’ve tried to wear a tampon it has always been uncomfortable, and often painfuvagina diagraml (I did try to follow the diagram, but it wasn’t very helpful: I think I’ve been attempting to insert tampons up further than they should go for my body, I think I have a low cervix).

With a bit more patience I guess I could wear them comfortably instead of pads if I wanted t0o.  However my worry about using tampons is that I won’t know when I need to change them (therefore they might start leaking blood). A bit of blood seems to drip down the tampon string even when the tampon is not full at all.

Another reason that I prefer pads is that, until a few days ago, I thought the tampon would soak up the urine every time I went to the toilet! For a while I have been vaguely aware that there were three holes ‘up there’, but until a few days ago I wasn’t sure what they were. I saw a diagram on the internet a few days ago which explained them to me: they are the vaginal canal, the rectum, and the urethra (the urethra is connected to the bladder, and excretes urine). Until I looked at that diagram I had basically thought that the bladder connected to the vaginal canal just before the vaginal entrance (instead of having its own separate ‘exit’ hole). I formed this belief because my tampons would sometimes get soaked in urine when I went to the toilet (I don’t know how, maybe just because the tampons weren’t far enough inside me?)

This has brought home to me how difficult it can be for girls and women to really know our own bodies, and particularly our genitalia – partly because it is all ‘hidden’ away and very hard for us to see (without a mirror).

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  1. Rachel says:

    When I began menstruating, I too had not realized the urethra was separate from the vagina. I had to stand on my bathroom sink to get a better look in the mirror. It is a shame that we as women are confused about our sexual anatomy– I blame it on cultural norms. Our culture teaches us that female anatomy is shameful and not to be discussed. I do not think that I had ever heard the word vagina until I was 12 or 13 years old. My mother could not stand to say vagina, so she used the term “private parts.”

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