Menstrual Art (Lani Beloso)

Lani Beloso is a painter/photographer, as well as a long-term sufferer of very painful alani deloso the period piecend heavy periods. She recently created “The Period Piece”, an art expedition showcasing 13 canvases each covered with her own menstrual blood, representing a year’s worth of cycles.

She explains why she did this art project: “I don’t plan on having children, I’m not using my uterus. I just wanted to take it out and throw it in the garbage can. One day I thought ‘I’m gonna sit over something and I’m going to see exactly how much comes out of me’because I thought it was a gallon. I thought I was bleeding to death every month. I wanted to actually see the amount, ‘I’m just going to sit over great a canvas and make a painting out of it while I’m at it.'”

Beloso stayed there and bleed on a canvas for the first painting, but for the others she
collected her blood and then applied it. She’d “paint the canvas, let it dry, then paint the blood on, pour it, or whatever I was doing and then cover it in resin, so it’s not a biohazard or anything.”

“My parents have got one [painting] hanging up in the living room,” she giggles. “They just think it’s funny that people come over and don’t know what it is, and still like the painting.”

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