Transgendered men & menstruation

According to Wikipedia, a transgender man (an FTM) is “a person who was assigned a female transgender menstruation ftmsex at birth, but who feels that this is not an accurate or complete description of themselves and consequently identifies as male.” Many trans guys inject T (testosterone) & have surgery to make their bodies look more masculine. Trans guys who haven’t gone on T yet (or who have only been on T for a few months) still experience menstruation.

Menstruation can be a particularly difficult time for some trans men because it is a reminder that their bodies don’t match their true gender identity. For the same reason, menstruation can also be difficult for some genderqueer people (people who feel like they don’t neatly fit either the ‘male’ or the ‘female’ category).

I found a diverse range of views about menstruation by transmen & genderqueer people on the internet:

“When I have awful cramps on a day that I am feeling boyish or the need to be tough, or when I have to be doing harder physical work [in my construction job], it just makes me feel disjointed… to be all weak in the middle but outwardly appear unperturbed.” (comment made on this genderqueer forum discussion about menstruation).

“I’m a trans guy, and I actually like menstruating. It’s kind of cool, if you think about it, just this monthly reminder of all the biological processes at work in my body. One thing I wonder about going on testosterone is whether I’ll miss menstruating. I like to think that it’s pretty manly. I mean, it involves blood and it has the word ‘men’ in it. What more could you ask for? I bet Chuck Norris menstruates.”

“I love my period. At times. When I have it feeling masculine, it messes with my masculinity, messes with my head, but makes me feel special. When I feel most feminine, it just messes with my head. When I feel beautifully in the middle, I LOVE the bleed. It makes me feel so womanly, so manly, so neither. It makes me feel me. (unless I have cramps)” (comment from a genderqueer person).

“From a genderqueer/leaning towards FTM perspective, menstruation is the only time when I actually feel female. Every other day of the month if you ask me what I am, I’ll either tell you I’m a guy or that it doesn’t matter, but the moment that hits I feel completely female. And it’s not because I’m thinking, “Oh look. Period blood. Guess I’m a woman.”, it’s something about the hormones that happen at the same time that completely takes away any dysphoria I feel and makes me feel right in my body for a few days. That’s honestly the only thing about menstruation that I hate, just because it makes me question myself; I don’t like feeling one way 95% of the time and then pulling a full 180 at the end of the month.”

Below are some videos on Youtube in which transgendered men, and their partners, talk about their experiences of menstruation.

“What is the deal with menstruation, God?”

Period Dysphoria

Period dysphoria:”Robbed of my masculinity”

This man talks briefly about his partner who is a transgendered man on birth control who occasionally gets periods:

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14 Responses to Transgendered men & menstruation

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  2. Klaudia says:

    Hello to all
    I am a menstruating female pseudohermaphrodite

    I started menstruating with 15
    i am happy to have it becaus its a part of my life


  3. t says:

    For me, I feel like a hormonal gorilla. I swear to god, if I don’t stop bleeding soon I’m going to start flinging faeces and murder someone.

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    I am male to female transgender and I swear every month I get my period and I begin to wear napkins. it makes me feel so feminine…………

  8. LS says:

    I make capsules of natural products that actually work. The recipe is a family heirloom. Two of my daughters have extreme flow and cramps when menstruating. They have actually ended up in the emergency room before I remembered my Mothers recipe.

    I will send a sample for you to try for yourself. All I ask of you is to fill out a questioner and spread the word if it helps you. The questioner will be emailed to you.

    I am at retirement age and plan to sale the product after I have enough interest in the product and questioners returned to help satisfy my claim that the recipe helps.

    My email address is [email protected].

  9. Jaymegurl says:

    I’m A trans-gender-ed male-to-female faggot, have been since I was 6 yrs. old,
    and will always be this way until I die. Being trans-gender-ed, to me, just means,
    that I’m part of a third sex. ( MALE, FEMALE, & now, Trans-gender-ed. )

    It’s no surprise to me anymore when I get menstrual cramps, ( they hurt like someone punched me in my gut, or when my girl-hole bleeds, ( vaginal bleeding ) this is just mother natures way of telling me that I am different from the other two sexes.

    I always felt that I was different from others, especially since I’ve now grown breasts, and love to wear lingerie. Please don’t hate me because I’m different.

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  11. uncle says:

    FYI “transgender” is the correct adjective. “Transgender” isn’t something that happens to someone, so there’s no such thing as “transgenderED” just as there’s no such thing as “gayED” “lesbianED” “bisexualED”.

    More explanation at

  12. Cheryl Auber says:

    I hate it and being a Boi

  13. Hello says:

    I’m a genderfluid and I have really heavy ad painful cycles (yay me) so when my menstruation comes I can experience it really differently.
    When I’m feeling much more connected as a female I just feel miserable and go all “fuck this, again? why me?!” but I also feel kind of happy that I have it… you know, the normal feelings.
    When I’m feeling both or no gender in particular I just find it really annoying and unnecessary painful but I deal with it like “oh, this again? well shit, FML”.
    But when I’m feeling male-ish? OH BOY, I could just scream, I’m either feeling sympathetic of every girl around me cause I’m a guy that actually knows what their going through and I’m actually proud of them or I feel angry and wanting to punch a wall while screaming at the top of my lungs “I’M MALE DAMN IT!” cause this is not what I should be feeling, why is my body reminding me in such a painful way I’m not what I am? why am I feeling girly and moody when I’m a grown ass man? WHY CAN’T I BE COMPLETELY A MAN? (At least this one I have felt it like once or twice and thank god cause it feels like shit)

  14. Cheryl Auber says:

    I would hope when I transition my period would stop,I hate having it.

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