Yuuki Menstrual Cup Review

A month ago I decided to buy a menstrual cup. I read through the Livejournal menstrual cup community posts, and finally decided to buy a small soft Yuuki cup, because it was cheap & had very good reviews. The small Yuuki is a standard sized cup for women who haven’t given birth before & I know that women with fairly low cervixes like mine (6cm) use it successfully.


When my cup arrived I inserted it using the “punch-down” fold.  At first I was very scared that the cup would ‘pop’ open too early and hurt me, but this didn’t happen. It ‘popped’ open very soon after I had pushed the rim inside me, and it didn’t hurt me at all. At first I didn’t have much success with the “punch-down” fold, because sometimes the cup wouldn’t ‘pop’ open properly inside me. When I read on the livejournal forum that the ‘punched’ side should face downwards when inserting the cup, that helped me a lot.

Once the cup was inside me I checked that it had opened up properly by feeling around the base of it (to make sure that the base was ’rounded’).  I have a low cervix, so part of the stem of the cup hung outside me. I cut the whole stem off. When the cup was stemless it felt completely comfortable inside me, I couldn’t feel it at all (unlike when I wear a tampon).


I pushed down with my muscles until the cup was right at my vaginal entrance, then I reached my middle finger and thumb inside, pinched/squished the base of the cup, and dragged it out. At first, removing the cup was a bit painful because of the rim. I ended up using a third finger to squish the rim into a “C” shape for removal – now removing the cup is easy and doesn’t usually hurt me.

On my heaviest days I’m sure that I will be able to wear the cup for at least 12 hours (because it will hold a lot of blood & I have light periods). With a tampon I can only wear it for a few hours before changing it, so the menstrual cup is fantastic.

Tampons are slightly uncomfortable for me to wear (and somewhat painful to insert/remove), and I haven’t found this with the menstrual cup. The cup hasn’t leaked once for me, and I can wear it for a really long time without needing to change it.

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6 Responses to Yuuki Menstrual Cup Review

  1. I love the Yuuki also because it has a great capacity and a cute box. You can read more details about this cup and all the other on my website http://menstrualcup.co

  2. Joice says:

    So nice. I am very happy with my two menstrual cups, but I want to buy the big Yuuki. I have a large Meluna and another unbranded one, but I am not sure if Yuuki ships to Brazil. As my flow is heavy, large ones are not heling me so much.

  3. Canadian Darlene says:

    Have you tried reusable pads (cloth pads)? They are awesome. I too wasn’t looking for a pad alternative because I love my cloth pads, but I just bought a Yuuki and then read your review. I will keep your tips in mind when I try my cup for the first time.

    • atozinco says:

      It’s great to hear that you love your cloth pads. For me, I bought cloth pads at the same time as I bought my Yuuki cup, but I haven’t needed to use them because the cup has been so great (I use it with disposable pantyliners). The cloth pads I bought felt quite bulky when I tried them on (compared to the ultra-thin disposable pads I used to use) so I haven’t really wanted to use them.

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