Menstrual Paintings (Oct 2010)

I’d heard of some menstrual cup users painting with their menstrual fluid/blood, so I wanted to have a go too. Picture 090Below are a few menstrual blood paintings that I did this month. I was surprised by how non-gross it actually was to make these pictures, and by how beautiful some of the pictures turned out. Painting with menstrual fluid was very different from painting with ‘normal’ paint – I found menstrual fluid really hard to control because it was so gloppy, stringy, thick, gluggy, slippery, and stretchy! My menstrual fluid had no smell when it was wet but it smelled a tiny bit as it dried (it had a very slight metallic smell). 



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3 Responses to Menstrual Paintings (Oct 2010)

  1. Surii says:

    I LOVE what you are doing here. I am always annoyed that our menstrual blood is so hated and even feared. What is worse is that it is not just the men. Most of the women I know feel this even more strongly than the men, and I do not understand it. Keep it up; I’ll spread the word!

  2. Marisela says:

    This is so awesome! I love ur paintings, especially the second and last one. I thought i was weird for doing this myself, hopefully my paintings will be more fluent next cycle, when i get my cup. :)

  3. max says:

    hmm its sure messy. thanks for sharing.

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