Menstrual Paintings Nov 2010

My second lot of menstrual paintings. In my mind there is something very organ-like (“blood-and-gutsy”) about menstrual blood. IPicture 007 know that menstruation is a natural and necessary event, but when I paint with the blood I still feel ever-so-slightly icky, as if I am painting with someone’s actual blood and guts. Maybe that is because menstrual discharge is not just blood. It’s about 50% blood (and blood clots) and 50% thick gloopy stringy mucus-like stuff. It seems a bit like my organs, and other bits of my insides, are mixed up in the blood. The part of me that feels “icky” about painting with my blood is very small – most of me enjoys doing it a lot. And I love my menstrual cup! I’ve been using it for two months & I haven’t needed to use a single pad or tampon. Here are some photos of the pictures that I did a few days ago:

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3 Responses to Menstrual Paintings Nov 2010

  1. Stacey Dubbin Mariner says:

    Lovely stuff. I also do a lot of what I call mentruARTion. I find the mucas and sticky bits add texture that the blood just doesn’t provide. Especially if you are painting sunsets, the sticky bits are good for the horizon where the land meets the sky, and the trunks of trees.
    Keep up the good work blud.


  2. i came across these and think they are possibly the most intriguing thing i’ve ever seen as far as art goes. if you like mail art, i’d love to send you some!

  3. Meg says:

    I like art.
    Those paintings are awesome.
    But why is it necessary to paint in menstrual blood??
    Sorry to ‘rag’ (haha, gettit?) on your art form.

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