Menstruation Facts

Average age of menarche (first period)?

12.43 years old in the USA. (In Europe the average age of menarche has decreased rapidly from 17 in 1850 to 13 in 1970. It has stayed relatively stable since then).

Average amount of blood I lose when menstruating?

2.4 tablespoons (35ml) of total menstrual fluid will usually be lost, however anything between 1 and 6 tablespoons (80ml) is normal. Nine out of ten women lose less than 80ml each cycle. As a guide, a regular tampon fully soaked will hold about 5ml of menstrual fluid. Only about half of menstrual fluid is blood (the rest is cervical mucus, vaginal secretions and endometrial tissue).

 Average age of menopause?

51 years old in the West. The average age of menopause in developing nations is younger (between 44-47 years old). The symptoms of menopause last from 4-6 years.

Average number of years I’ll spend menstruating?

37 years in Western countries (if women start at age 12, stop at age 51, and have two full-term pregnancies).

How many times will I menstruate in my lifetime?

About 460 times.

How much menstrual blood will I lose in one year?

About 450 ml, which is a little more than this kid’s size coca cola cup:

How much menstrual fluid will I lose in a lifetime?

16 litres (that is three times the amount of blood in our body, because the human body contains an average of 5 litres of blood). The same amount as 31 x 520g bottles of tomato sauce:

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17 Responses to Menstruation Facts

  1. amandalu862 says:

    Heck i’m unusual. I got my first and very heavy period the day before I turned 10. and since thne its been not so regular and heavy all the time.

  2. Surii says:

    Same here, amandalu862. LOL I started the day of my 11th birthday, and 13 years later, I don’t think I’ve had what most would call a “regular” period since. My body seems determined to keep me guessing…

  3. Tara Bruley says:

    Hi Atozinco!

    I love your blog! Especially the post “I’m Loving My Period.” I would love to feature your posts on our website (with your permission of course). Our website, was built to help girls beginning this time in their life in celebration while also providing convenient options for girls/women already on their period. I would love to connect, you can reach me at info at bepreparedperiod dot com.

  4. Bummer, wish menstruation lasted longer :( 37 years and 460 times is just too darn few! Suffice to say, I guess those who suffer from less-than-pleasant periods would disagree with me 😛

  5. cricky says:

    I’ve never had my period and i’m super scared because with my luck it will come at school and i will be embarrassed!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!

  6. cricky says:

    im only 10 soon to be 11 and i already have had breast growth, cramps, and discharge. When will it come!???!!!??(Biting nails)

  7. Daisy says:

    I think I’m going to try to collect all my blog some month… I have been a heavy bleeder since I got my period at age 13… Hoped I’d grow out of it, but at 31, I think I’m past adolescence. My mom didn’t reach menopause until age 60, so I still have many years of “fun” ahead!

    By the way, I love this blog! So interesting!

  8. Oh! I do wish I were average! I am sure I need more than one Coca Cola cup per annum. :)
    Love your presentation!

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  10. malkara says:

    Really? I am VERY abnormal then. I have a cup and for the last 5 periods I have kept track and by my 3rd day I have already shed 8+ oz… Really? And also I am taking Rx Iron due to being anemic. And eating iron rich foods. I still have 2 bruises on my arms from 8 days ago, just leaning over a tub… And the Dr.s can’t figure out why…

  11. Bings says:

    Wait until you hit the menopause, it’s bliss when u finally get a period as it makes u feel NORMAL!! 😀

  12. We definitely need to break menstrual taboos!
    It’s just a period. Period!

    I just wrote about it –

  13. Jennifer says:

    2 tablespoons of blood? I think I lose waaay more than that! I mean, I get really heavy periods. I can go through 3 tampons an hour…

  14. Hannah says:

    I just googled how many years the average periods last before menopause, and found this. I started my periods at 7yrs old and since then have have super heavy irregular periods lasting min 8 days, max 3weeks, with anywhere between 1 day and 2 months between. The bleeding is super heavy too, when i used tampons before having children i used to flood using the super-high obsorbant ones and a minimum of 6 per day plus nighttimes pads changed with every new tampon, so according to this article I would loose in one short period the same as the average person in one year! I started using the mooncup as an adult and would recommend to anyone – I still had some leakage but if changing every hour or so was ok. The pain is near enough constant to the point i dont take painkillers and don’t even know when i am not in pain! After having children i wasnt able to use anything other than pads due to increased pain for the addition of SPD. So for more than a year – nearly two years, I have been begging my GP and hospital consultant to put me on the waiting list for a hysterectomy to put an end to this. After begging and pleading with 3 different consultant appointments, Well, today I got the go ahead from the consultant to be put on the waiting list for a total hysterectomy so hopefully it will soon finish for good!!!! wahoo

  15. Julie says:

    2.4 tablespoons a period, wow how blessed you are. I usually have to wear 2 super long sanitary napkins or I even did a tampon and a sanitary napkin. A kid size cup a year, okay maybe I’m eating the wrong foods. I thought by me running track from elementary through high school would help , n ope. My mom would take me to the hospital once a month asking the Dr’s, if they could give me a shot for pain. The answer was always no, it’s natural. When I graduated from high school suddenly no more pain and periods were manageable .

  16. alish says:

    I have been a heavy bleeder since I got my period at age 13. We definitely need to break menstrual taboos! It’s just a period. Period!

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