Beauty in Blood (Menstrual Art)

 Below is a menstrual art video from the Beauty in Blood project by artists Jen Lewis and Rob Lewis. I love the dynamic energy of the video, and the ‘blobby’ bits at 5.00 in particular make me smile. Jen writes, “When the time comes, Rob fires up the studio lights in our bathroom, gets into position with the camera, and I begin to dump, drizzle, and drip the bloody matter into a clean toilet bowl and other clear vessel.”

Jen writes, “Some pours mimic a ‘real life’ dump, i.e. quick and unintentional, into the bowl while others are more carefully executed with particular attention paid to the height and pouring technique with specific intention to render ‘beautiful’ or ‘interesting’ designs. Composition is crucial to the final image and it is comprised of equal parts pouring and chance movement of the material in the water… The macro lens allows us to capture amazingly detailed photographs, almost like looking it under a microscope.”

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