New Yuuki Menstrual Cup

I bought my first menstrual cup almost four years ago – a small soft Yuuki menstrual cup – and it’s been fantastic (see my review here). As you can see Yuuki menstrual cup soft smallthat cup has become very stained! I don’t mind the stains at all, however if I wanted to I might be able to remove them by soaking the cup in a vinegar/water solution. I recently bought another small soft Yuuki cup. I’ve uploaded a few pictures of my old & new cups (side by side).

Differences between my old & new Yuuki cups:

  • The new cup has a bit of a plastic smell (the smell will probably go away after I boil/sterilize it). The old cup doesn’t have any smell.

  • The new cup is firmer than my old cup (I guess this is because the process of boilingYuuki menstrual cup soft small stain decoloration my old Yuuki cup every cycle for 4 years degraded the silicon a bit over time). Because of this I have to be more careful when removing the new Yuuki cup – I need to squish the base of the cup more when removing it (otherwise the rim will hurt me). I guess I’ve gotten quite lazy with my old cup because it is sooo flexible these days that removing it doesn’t cause me any discomfort.

  • The new cup opens up more easily when it’s inside me. It opens up automatically, I Yuuki menstrual cup soft smalldon’t have to coax it open. With my old cup I have to turn it around when it’s inside me until it decides to open up properly.

  • The new cup has bigger suction holes around the rim. I don’t know if it makes any difference to how well the cups function. I’ve never had any problems with the suction holes on my old cup.

  • The new cup comes with a green sterilization box. The sterilization box is a plastic microwavable box with a lid. You’re supposed to fill the box with water, put the menstrual cup in the box (completely submerged in water), put the
    lid on the box, then microwave for 6 minutes. It’s a great idea but it didn’t work that well for me (I think the sterilization box was too small). After microwaving my Yuuki cup I saw that the microwave had gotten quite wet & when I took opened the sterilization box I saw that the Yuuki cup was now only 2/3rds submerged in water, which wasn’t good! The other thing I didn’t like was that the lid was too loose for the container. Maybe if I used a large ordinary plastic container instead and put some holes in the lid it might work better than the green sterilization box. I would like to have the option of sterilizing my cup in the microwave – it would save the possible embarrassment of having one of my brothers come into the room and peer into the pot (with my menstrual cup boiling away inside), and ask “What are you doing?” (“Sterilizing something” is my usual reply – “Sterilizing what?” – “Just something”). I don’t want to gross anyone out or put them off using that particular pot again :)

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  1. bluemoon79 says:

    To get rid of the stain, soak the cup in hydrogen peroxide for as long as it takes. It won’t hurt your cup. It is just water with an extra molecule. Yours is pretty stained so it might take many days or weeks. I have the large Yuuki and it started turning brown. I soaked it for several days in peroxide and it is like new!

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