Sansa’s First Period (Game of Thrones)

Watch the clip below to see Sansa Stark getting her first period on the Game of Thrones fantasy/drama TV series. The event is traumatic for Sansa because it means that she will now be forced to marry someone she hates – therefore Sansa and her servant frantically try to hide all traces of the bloody bed-sheets!

In this scene Sansa wakes up from a nightmare to find her mattress bloodied by the onset of her first period. Her servant, Shae, tries to help her conceal the evidence (because it means that she will now be forced to marry the psychopathic Prince Joffrey), however they are unsuccessful and the Queen finds out what has happened.

After Queen Cersei finds out, she and Sansa have a chat. “You’re flowered, my dear, nothing more.” Sansa replies, “My mother told me, but I thought it would be different… I thought it would be different, less… less messy.” (Didn’t we all?)

Since Sansa can now bear children, Cersei decides to enlighten/scare her about the joys of childbirth, “You cannot imagine the pain!” Queen Cersei and Sansa have a chat following Sansa’s first “flowering”, and Cersei gives Sansa advice on motherhood, reassuring her that she will love her children if not her husband.

Two questions perplex me:

1) Why did Sansa lose SO MUCH BLOOD so quickly when she got her period for the first time? Most girls tend to have lighter periods at first, but I guess its possible that a small proportion of girls bleed quite a bit on their first period –  I don’t know..

2) Why didn’t either Sansa or Shae SHUT THE BEDROOM DOOR as soon as they knew Sansa had gotten her first period? That would have prevented all those nosey by-passers from barging in and finding out! When female characters do stupid things in movies & on TV it really annoys me. In moments of laziness some male directors resort to making their female characters act in stupid, irrational, hysterical and annoying ways in order to drive the plot forward or to create conflict/drama. Stupid women make movies!

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3 Responses to Sansa’s First Period (Game of Thrones)

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  3. The Dragon Demands says:

    They didn’t lock the door because Sansa is a glorified prisoner of the Lannisters. They’re keeping her in gentle imprisonment and not a dungeon but still….first, I don’t think she CAN lock the door. I think they took the locks off her doors so she can’t barricade herself in. Second, as a noblewoman-prisoner in gentle confinement….if she did lock the guard out, they’d get suspicious. Even using the old tactic of “close the door and tell the guard he can’t come in because I’m changing my clothes” won’t work for more than 5 minutes.

    Even so, they basically were panicking and not thinking clearly.

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