Euphemisms and Words for Menstruation:

period fairy

Aunt Flo (“AF”) – “Flo” is short for (menstrual) “Flow”
Aunt Aggie
Aunt Fanny (or Aunt Fannie)
Aunt Irma
Aunt from Reading was in town
Aunt Flo from Red River is visiting
Aunt Martha
Aunt Ruby
Aunt Sally
Aunt Tilly
The Axe wound
Bad week
Being a woman
Being girly
Being female
Being unwellbrace yourselves aunt flo is coming game of thrones
Bloody Mary
Certain days
Closed for business
Closed for maintenance
Congratulations! It’s an egg!
She hasn’t had her Course
Custom of women
Time of the Month (and “TOM”)
Cousin Tom
Attracting the lesbian vampires
A friend comes to visit
Are you in need?
Are you seeing red?
At high tide
At war
A snatch box decorated with red roses (“snatch” and “box” are both vulgar terms for vagina in the USA)
A little ketchup with my steak
There’s a crime scene in my pants
Falling off the roof
The Crimson Wave
The Crimson Horror
Crimson Curse
In the Red Tent
The Red Scare
The Communists are coming
The Reds are playing downtown
Having my Cycle
The Curse
Girl Issues
Good news
Having her pixies
Having her period
Lady Time
Lady business
Losing my lining
Little Red Riding Hood is making her way through the woods
The Monthlies
On my moon
Monthly visitor
Need supplies
My cousin’s in town
My granny’s in town
On the rag
Red flag
The Exclamation Point
The Red Fairy
Perry Fairy
Period Fairy
Shark Week
Red sky at morning, sailors warning
The Red Baron

Read more at the Museum of Menstruation. Please post a comment below if there are any others that you know of!


8 Responses to Euphemisms

  1. Sue Van Skiver says:

    My new sister-in-law asked me to take her to the store ASAP because she needed seat covers. I headed toward the auto parts store before I realized that she was referring to sanitary pads. They are called many names!

    • atozinco says:

      Wow, ‘seat covers’ – That’s definitely one that I haven’t heard before! It’s hard to keep up with all the different euphemisms and metaphors for menstruation and ‘feminine hygiene’ products :)

  2. Annamae says:

    Shark week is mine and my husband’s personal favorite. We’re trying for a baby right now so he’s always asking about where I’m at in my cycle and “shark week” is perfectly descriptive.

  3. Jadey says:

    Oh wow! So so many! I will never call it TTOM again.

    I also use

    Riding the Cotton Pony
    Girl Flu
    Lady Town is Under Construction

    Love these!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve heard people use “les anglais sont arrivés” in French, and “it’s my turn” (direct translation) in Marathi.

  5. vanessa says:

    I call mine Cotton Fly for years

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