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Menstrual Taboos in Different Cultures

Tlingit People – When a girl first menstruates she is immediately isolated in a menstruation hut and she has to follow very rigid rules. She is not permitted to lie down during the whole period of her seclusion, instead she … Continue reading

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What Function does Menstrual Fluid have in Pregnancy?

After ovulation the uterus lining (endometrium) becomes transformed into a secretory lining in preparation of accepting the embryo. If implantation does not occur, humans shed this lining each menstrual cycle. Two-thirds of it is simply reabsorbed back into the body, and the … Continue reading

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Can Menstrual Cycles Synchronize with the Lunar Cycle?

Some researchers have hypothesized that, historically, women tended to menstruate whenever there was a new moon – and that it’s only our modern way of living (in houses with artificial light) that stopped our periods synchronizing with the full moon. Of course, in the world as … Continue reading

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Book Review of “The Red Tent” (by Anita Diamant)

Anita Diamant’s “The Red Tent” is a fictional autobiography of the life of Dinah (the daughter of Jacob in the Bible). The book was turned into a TV mini-series in 2014. In her book, Diamant brings the day-to-day lives of Dinah and the women around … Continue reading

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Everything I Need for My Period Each Month!

PREPARING FOR MY PERIOD: 1. Calender: When that my period starts I mark the five days of bleeding on my calender with an “X”, and then count 28 days from the day that my period started and write “P28” to mark … Continue reading

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Which is Worse: Period Cramps or “Man Flu”?

One of my brothers (who is in his early twenties) wakes up looking like he is dying every morning. His “man flu” symptoms are all either self-caused or in his head: he has late nights and he eats junk food all the time – of … Continue reading

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Are Feminine Hygiene Products Really that Bad for the Environment?

How much disposable sanitary product waste ends up in landfills? The average woman throws away approximately 100-150kg of “feminine hygiene products” during her lifetime. This includes tampons, disposable pads, pantiliners, disposable menstrual cups, tampon applicators, and all the packaging that those products … Continue reading

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Can I Flush Tampons Down the Toilet?

I love reading instructions, so when I tried out my first tampon (shortly after getting my period at age 13) I read the instruction pamphlet thoroughly. I clearly remember that the instructions told me to not flush my tampons down the toilet. … Continue reading

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There should be more Menstruation Scenes in Game of Thrones

On the face of it the Game of Thrones TV series appears to be a perfect vehicle for depicting menstruation on screen because (a) there are many interesting and complex female characters in the show, and (b) the show is happy to … Continue reading

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“Girls see more blood than boys!” (Game of Thrones)

In the Game of Thrones TV series there is a funny conversation between the feisty Ygritte and her boyfriend Jon Snow in which he tries to explain to her what “swooning” is. He tells her that swooning is, “when a girl sees … Continue reading

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