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Sansa’s First Period (Game of Thrones)

Watch the clip below to see Sansa Stark getting her first period on the Game of Thrones fantasy/drama TV series. The event is traumatic for Sansa because it means that she will now be forced to marry someone she hates … Continue reading

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Why Do Humans Menstruate?

All female placental mammals have a uterus lining (“endometrium”) that builds up when the animal is fertile. If the egg is not fertilized, most mammals reabsorb this lining into their uterus (“covert menstruation”), however a few mammals, including humans, shed this lining … Continue reading

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Can People tell when a Woman is Ovulating?

Humans have “concealed ovulation”. Concealed ovulation is the lack of any perceptible change in an adult female (for instance, a change in appearance or scent) when she is “in heat” and near ovulation.

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Light Spotting a Few Days Before Period

Over the last six months I’ve started to experience light spotting a couple of days before each period begins. The spotting is very light and is usually a brownish colour (or sometimes red).

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New Yuuki Menstrual Cup

I bought my first menstrual cup almost four years ago – a small soft Yuuki menstrual cup – and it’s been fantastic (see my review here). As you can see that cup has become very stained! I don’t mind the stains at all, however if … Continue reading

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An Ode to Period Cramps!

The video below is a hilarious (and oh-too-true) song about menstrual pain! It is a parody of The Cranberries “Zombie” song. Lyrics are below the video for you to sing along

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Is it Safe to Swim with Dolphins while Menstruating?

I’ve heard that dolphins can tell when a woman is pregnant (sometimes even before she knows herself), and start acting strangely around her. I wanted to know if dolphins acted any differently around menstruating women as well. Unfortunately not much seems to … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Red – Celebrating Menstruation

The wonderful video below explores the discrepancy between the beauty of the colour red, and our society’s ‘disgust’ for menstruation:

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