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Analysing my Period Diary

Since July 2011 I’ve been keeping a ‘period diary’, hoping to find some trends in my menstrual cycles. I’ve just done some amateur analysis of the diary so far & my conclusions are below. PAIN LEVEL  I had some pain with each period, … Continue reading

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My Period Diary (age 26)

NB: Some periods are missing because I forgot to write notes about them at the time.  January 2013 Very, very light occasional cramps during the first day. March 2013 Day One: No cramps at all when the bleeding first started in … Continue reading

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My Period Diary (age 25)

January 2012  Light cramps when my period started, from 10am – 12pm (took 2 ibuprofen), no cramps for the rest of the day. Light cramps again the following morning at 5am for about 2 hours (I heated up a wheat bag, … Continue reading

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My Period Diary (age 24)

When I first started this blog in 2010 I also decided to start keeping a ‘period diary’ (whenever I could remember to complete it), to see if there were any trends that I could pick up on. At first I … Continue reading

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If I could talk to myself at 13-years-old I would say…

When I was a young teenager I didn’t think that it was acceptable to have days off school because of bad menstrual pain. All the girls and women around me seemed to get on with life like normal when they were … Continue reading

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Menstrual Paintings Nov 2010

My second lot of menstrual paintings. In my mind there is something very organ-like (“blood-and-gutsy”) about menstrual blood. I know that menstruation is a natural and necessary event, but when I paint with the blood I still feel ever-so-slightly icky, … Continue reading

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Cherie Currie’s Autobiography (‘The Runaways’)

I’ve just finished reading ‘Neon Angel’, the autobiography of Cherie Currie from ‘The Runaways’ (an all-female ’70s rock band). ‘The Runaways’ movie (starring Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart) was based on this book, but it didn’t deal with many of the more … Continue reading

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Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Menstruation

A couple of years ago I read the autobiography of Waris Dirie (a woman who grew up in Somalia but moved to London at the age of 14). In her book she describes the horror of  the FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) that … Continue reading

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Menstruation Diagram

This is what we were taught in health class at school: But, perhaps this is what we should have been taught…  A guy asked his gf to “draw what was happening inside of her” when she got her period. This … Continue reading

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Andrea Gibson “Swingset” (spoken poem)

Andrea Gibson is a spoken word poet. She explains in her poem “Andrew” that she is genderqueer: “It’s not that I thought I’d grow up to be a man; I just never thought that I’d grow up to be a … Continue reading

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