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Menstruation Diagram

This is what we were taught in health class at school: But, perhaps this is what we should have been taught…  A guy asked his gf to “draw what was happening inside of her” when she got her period. This … Continue reading

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If men had periods

“This a funny look at what would happen if a man had a period one day. I hope you guys like it. But seriously. I have to hand it to the females who have to put up with this every month.”

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“Will you buy me tampons?” (a Kotex social experiment)

These men were good-humoured (“Can I buy you toilet paper instead?”) but it is funny how uncomfortable this situation made them. I love how the woman is playfully encouraging these men to be more comfortable with menstruation/tampons. “Every day is about … Continue reading

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If men could menstruate

I love this video

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