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Stem Cells in Menstrual Fluid

Stem cells are a type of biological cell that have the potential to become any cell in the body, therefore they can be used to repair damaged tissue. Stem cells come from two main sources: embryos or adult tissues. Embryonic … Continue reading

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What is Menstrual Fluid and what does it Look Like?

What is menstrual fluid? Only about half of menstrual fluid is blood (the rest is cervical mucus, vaginal secretions and endometrial tissue). The blood contains sodium, calcium, phosphate, iron, and chloride. The vaginal fluids contain water, common electrolytes, organ moieties, and at least … Continue reading

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Average amount of blood loss in menstruation?

35 mls (2.4 tablespoons) is the average volume of menstrual fluid lost during a cycle. However anywhere from 25–80 milliliters (1–6 tablespoons of menstrual fluid) is considered normal. Only 10% of women lose more or less than this when menstruating. The actual amount lost … Continue reading

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Menstruation Facts

Average age of menarche (first period)? 12.43 years old in the USA. (In Europe the average age of menarche has decreased rapidly from 17 in 1850 to 13 in 1970. It has stayed relatively stable since then). Average amount of blood … Continue reading

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Vanessa Tiegs “Menstrala” Paintings

Here’s a video of Vanessa Tiegs “Menstrala” paintings (they’re pretty amazing – no one can say they aren’t beautiful!):

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The only female blood on TV comes from knife stabs

Dorothy Nixon has written an interesting post about womanly blood on screen at menstruation.com.au. She comments, “The only female blood movie TV screenwriters seem interested in exploring comes from knife stabs and gunshot wounds… I recall watching my husband sitting impassively … Continue reading

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Andrea Gibson “Say Yes” (spoken poem)

This video is of my favourite spoken word poem by Andrea Gibson, “Say Yes” (the lyrics are below the video). At 1.00 minute she talks about menstruation: “This is for women and for the men who taught me only women bleed with the moon … Continue reading

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Menstrual Art (Lani Beloso)

Lani Beloso is a painter/photographer, as well as a long-term sufferer of very painful and heavy periods. She recently created “The Period Piece”, an art expedition showcasing 13 canvases each covered with her own menstrual blood, representing a year’s worth … Continue reading

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Wearing pads

I like the sight of blood when I have my period. When my body is working as hard as it is, and when I am in a lot of pain, I like to see some physical results. It confirms to me that my … Continue reading

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