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There should be more Menstruation Scenes in Game of Thrones

On the face of it the Game of Thrones TV series appears to be a perfect vehicle for depicting menstruation on screen because (a) there are many interesting and complex female characters in the show, and (b) the show is happy to … Continue reading

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Sansa’s First Period (Game of Thrones)

Watch the clip below to see Sansa Stark getting her first period on the Game of Thrones fantasy/drama TV series. The event is traumatic for Sansa because it means that she will now be forced to marry someone she hates … Continue reading

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Menstruation on Screen

Menstruation in Film: Generally, when movies depict people using restrooms or bathrooms they show women going to apply makeup, and men going to urinate. Anything to do with women actually using toilets is almost never depicted in movies (unless they … Continue reading

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